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Reza Vee

100 events in 100 days

Reza is attending 100 events in 100 days to inspire you to look at networking differently. What started as a market research initiative quickly turned into a platform for Reza to find his community, build meaningful relationships, and give back by connecting others.  Join him at upcoming events.


My name is Reza Varzidehkar. You can call me Reza Vee. I'm a startup founder, 3rd generation entrepreneur, and an adventurer. I've been blessed to live through many flavors of life in such short period of time that makes me wiser beyond my age and I'm proud of that. It made me realize the importance of people and community in our success very early in the process.

People are at the core of every business. Meeting, connecting, and building relationships with them should be a priority for every entrepreneur as people do business with those they know, like, and trust. Because, we can't succeed alone.

My superpower is my ability to draw attention and connect in a meaningful way through authenticity. Human aspect of business are often neglected as it is hard to explain with numbers. I assure you, majority of the magic happens where numbers and charts don't have an explanation for it.

My new venture, OVOU, is my attempt to help entrepreneurs stand out in today's highly saturated market and build  meaningful connections that can help them succeed.

I would like to hear from you. Connect with me on Social.